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(Outstanding Adult Still In Service)

Motto: Service and Leadership

They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing – Psalm 92: 14


O.A.S.I.S is an acronym that stands for Outstanding Adult Still in Service. Pastor Christopher Timi established the ministry on December 30, 2018; for the growing outstanding adult (60years and older) population of the church. It is a higher decade of life ministry.


Fellowship of outstanding adults who are committed to utilizing their lifelong acquired and God-given gifts, skills, experience, wisdom, and faith to further the work of the Kingdom of God.

Mission Statement

To inspire Outstanding Adult of Divine Hope Assembly International to participate in activities that promote spiritual growth and health, age-level educational pursuits, and evangelism and take part in various fellowship events.

OASIS Leadership

Florence Raymond | Coordinator

Florence Raymond | Coordinator

Gloria Lilly | Assistant Coordinator

Gloria Lilly | Assistant Coordinator

Olaitan Kowobari | Secretary

Olaitan Kowobari | Secretary

Novlett Drummond | Treasurer

Novlett Drummond | Treasurer

Isabela Wickinson | Welfare

Isabela Wickinson | Welfare

Akershure Adigun | Assistant Secretary (and her Husband)

Akershure Adigun | Assistant Secretary (and her Husband)

 John Turay | Social

John Turay | Social


  • Turning attributes into assets
  • Ministering to individual needs



  • To encourage members to be both listeners and doers of the word
  • To move members from the level of success to the level of significance/relevance.
  • To encourage others to minister to the needs of members and vice versa.
  • To encourage members to participate in activities that will enhance their spiritual, physical, mental, and social well-being.
  • To recognize and celebrate the diversity that exists within the group.

Characteristics of O.A.S.I.S

The word Oasis is a Greek version of an ancient Egyptian word, meaning a fertile place in the desert.
Webster’s New World Dictionary defined oasis as:

  • A fertile place in a desert, due to the presence of water.
  • Any place or thing offering welcome relief as from difficulty or dullness.
  • A thriving area in an arid desert region that provides refuge and/or relief.

A) Attributes:
There exist similarities between the characteristic features of the DESERT OASIS and some attributes of DHAI OASIS

Attributes Desert OASIS DHAI OASIS
Life Supports life of sand and gravel Have the gift of life
Hope Gives hope to the desert population For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: Eccl.9:4

Provides rest, support, shade, relief, food & water


Have skills, talents, gifts, wisdom & experience that could be of benefit to others
Survival They have been in existence since prehistoric times (e.g. Dakhla oasis of Egypt has existed for more than 10,000 years)

They are survivors (Blessed with longevity)


Endurance Survived harsh desert weather Endured various life experiences
Vulneability Site of military and men of the underworld activities An elderly is prone to experience ageism, abuse and morbidity

B) Diversities:

Outstanding adults have unique diverse characteristics: They are heterogeneous in their life experiences, background, stages of life and needs.

C) Needs:

Below is a summary of outstanding adult needs:

  • Spiritual
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Social, Educational, Legal: [aging and age-related changes; age-related stage/season of life: loss, pain, retirement, dying/death, “empty nest”, widowhood, homebound, etc]


Activities that Model: “S.E.N.I.O.R.S”

S= Spirituality: To grow spiritually, outstanding adult can be ministered to and they can minister to others through. Bible study group; Prayer group; worship; Pastoral care; fellowship/worship participation, etc.

E= Enrichment: Outstanding adult need to continue the life-long process of growing and learning in areas of specific needs (e.g. Community issues and current affairs; financial, legal and medical concerns; health).

N= Nutrition and Fitness: Health maintenance activities and healthy nutrition.

I= Intergenerational: Emphasize the interdependence of all people both young and old (Children and youth visiting homebound and residents of health care facilities; Outstanding adult sharing faith with children and youth and young families).

O= Outreach: Participation in the church outreach and evangelism programs.

R= Recreation: Outstanding adult need creative self-expression as well as opportunities to develop and maintain self-confidence and enhance both physical and mental well-being through recreational activities. Outdoor activities (e.g. movies; trips; concerts; tournaments; golf; fishing; picnic; bowling; walking etc.).

S= Service: Serving the needs of others (Motivating/Encouraging; Modeling; Mentoring; Multiplying; Ministry/Mission (Psalm71:18, 2Corinth 4:16).

Fellowship Meetings

O.A.S.I.S fellowship meetings take place on the third (3rd) Sunday or second (2nd) to the last Sunday of every month at 6.00 pm.
These meetings take place either by Zoom or in the church premises. New O.A.S.I.S member will be introduced at the fellowship meeting

Fellowship meeting objectives:

  • To effect personal and spiritual growth, enrichment, and empowerment
  • To build relationships
  • To build support, unity, and strength
  • To celebrate the gift of life, attributes, and diversities
  • To encourage networking
  • To engage in recreational activities



  • In contributing and sharing O.A.S.I.S funds, the biblical principle is followed which is: contributing to a common purse for the benefit of all.
  • Financial contributions are not regarded as the sole requirement to be a member of O.A.S.I.S.
  • While we encourage each member to make a small monthly contribution of $10.00 in order to support the needs of the ministry, no individual shall be denied benefits of membership due to the inability to meet such financial obligation.
  • However, O.A.S.I.S will recognize, acknowledge, and cherish those who give their time, talents, gifts, and substance to serve God from time to time.
  • God that loves a cheerful giver will also reward accordingly.

Organizational Structure

O.A.S.I.S’ Organizational structure involves a breakdown into the following units. It provides opportunities for unit members to work together as a team as they use their gifts, talents, and skills to serve God in the areas of their choice.

The units are designed also to meet their needs. The unit head coordinates activities within that unit.











  • Organize and Coordinate spiritual fellowships
  • Schedule members to lead Bible Studies
  • Coordinate the Prayer meetings


Coordinator & Assistant Coordinator 

  • Coordinate  OASIS ministry
  • Coordinate all OASIS programs
  • Supervise all unit heads
  • Link the group to the pastorate
  • Link OASIS with other Departments.


Secretary & Assistant Secretary

  • Take, develop, and distribute minutes of meetings.
  • Keep attendant’s register of every meeting
  • Keep OASIS membership records
  • Communications
  • Planning and informing members of events
  • Liaise effectively with the minister of OASIS affairs and with other leaders



  • Receiving, recording, and accounting of funds
  • Make bank deposits of funds
  • Disbursement of funds
  • Reconciling of accounts and preparation of quarterly/annual reports




  • Handle all Public relations affairs
  • Plan and implement all social and community events
  • Source for venues and resources




  • Organize health activities, seminars & fairs in liaison with other units in the church
  • Handle all health issues
  • Transportation of members
  • Reaching out, encouraging, and following up
  • Sending gifts, cards, etc. to members
  • Organize visitations to members
  • Ensure contact with all members

O.A.S.I.S Leadership Contact Info:

1. Florence Raymond | Coordinator| Tel: 301-254-6430
2. Gloria Lilly | Asst. Coordinator | Tel: 443-848-9778
3. Olaitan Kowobari | Secretary | Tel: 202-438-9451
4. Akershure Adigun | Assistant Secretary | Tel: 443-762-9074
5. Novlett Drummond | Treasurer | Tel: 515-633-2242
6. John Turay | Social | Tel: 703-568-0249
6. Isabela Wickinson | Welfare | Tel: 704-287-4204


January                               Business Meeting

February                             Fellowship (Bible study)

March                                  Fellowship (Bible study)

April                                     Fellowship (Bible study)

May                                      Outstanding adult Month: Heath Talk/Screening

June                                     Fellowship (Prayer meeting)

July                                      Recreational (Trip or Concert or Picnic)/Leadership meeting

August                                Recreational (Trip or Concert or Picnic etc.)/Business meeting

September                       Recreational (Trip or Concert or Picnic etc.)

October                             Fellowship (Bible study)

November                         Fellowship (Bible study)

December                        Fellowship (Prayer meeting)/Concert


* Flexible to accommodate DHAI major programs.